Company History

Automation Acceleration Inc. was founded with the vision to provide automation engineering support, programming, & integration support.

We are generally called in to perform automation support for Robotics, Vision Systems, and Allen Bradley PLCs.

However, we have worked in many other capacities to meet our customer's needs.

We are very focused on customer satisfaction. We maintain a philosophy of not making things "too complex, for nothing".

Automation Acceleration Inc. strives to ensure that when the job is complete all of the concerned stakeholders concerns are addressed and working properly.

These stakeholders can include Management, Production, Operators, and Maintenance personnel. Simplicity in design and implementation wherever possible is always a priority.

We want your equipment to function so that if something were to go wrong at 2:30 in the morning, your staff will be able to get the equipment recovered and back to making money, without the need to bother other personnel who are asleep and resting up for the next day's hard work.

Automation Acceleration Inc. has worked with many processes, including the following:

  • automated assembly
  • material handling
  • automated sealant dispensing
  • FANUC paint robotics
  • foam dispensing
  • robotic mig welding
  • spot welding
  • plasma cutting
  • plasma coating
  • injection molding
  • vision system quality inspection
  • vision system position adjustment
  • "on the fly" vision adjustment
  • blow molding
  • plastic pressure welding
  • plastic spin welding
  • reaction injection molding
  • glass cutting and breakout
  • glass bending
  • automated gluing systems
  • lamination
  • auto clave
  • metal stamping/forming
  • machining
  • fabrication
  • press tending
  • cnc cutting
  • motion systems
  • modeling and simulation
  • computer based training (cbt)
  • advanced reporting algorithms
  • electronic control circuits
  • pneumatics
  • various fluid delivery systems
  • lean manufacturing disciplines
  • water jet cutting
  • pcb circuit board soldering
  • solar panel soldering








(note: with "on the fly" vision adjustment, the robot never stops moving, but still obtains the offsets from vision system!)