Automation Acceleration Inc.

Services Overview

Automation Services

Automation Acceleration Inc. is here to help get our customers what they need to elevate their automation process to the next level!

We provide the following Automation Services:

  • Process Tuning
  • Robotic Programming
  • Vision System Solutions
  • Conveyor Tracking
  • Automation Design Consultation
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Robotic re-positioning utilizing "Vision On the Fly"
  • Cycle Time Optimization
  • Scrap Reduction
  • Production Data Tracking and Reporting
  • Electrical Engineering
  • We have extensive experience with the following equipment:
    • ABB Robotics
    • FANUC Robotics
    • Motoman Robotics
    • Kuka Robotics
    • Epson Robotics
    • Adept Robotics
    • Denso Robotics
    • Allen Bradley RSLogix and Control Logix PLCs
    • Allen Bradley HMIs
    • Allen Bradley Servo & VFD systems
    • B&R PLCs
    • Fanuc Vision Systems (including iRVision)
    • Adept Vision Systems (with "robot on the fly" vision capabilities)
    • Isra Vision Systems
    • Braintec Vision Systems
    • DVT Vision Systems
    • Cognex Vision Systems
    • SICK 3D Vision Systems
  • We are always willing to help out on any automation project, so Contact Us today!

Training Services

(Note: different levels of training are available for each course type)

We provide the following Training Services:

  • Programming Courses
  • Vision and Lighting Courses
  • Robotic Maintenance and Recovery Courses